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Connect with Horny girls on Snapchat Premium is an interactive platform where visitors can connect live with horny snapchat premium models looking for an outlet for their ungodly lust. The platform went live in 2016 connecting interested dudes with intoxicating models for a session of steamy sexting and live adult video chat. The sexually explicit visual depictions including pictures, visuals and adult literature on this platform are created by persons over the age of 18.

The website is USC compliant and as such, only lists 18+ years old models. promotes the snapchat premium models listed on “Our Girls” page and does not take part whatsoever, in the production of the sexually explicit materials shared between the girls and visitors.


The site offers a variety services listed in different packages by the girls. Among the site’s primary offerings are sexting and live chat on snapchat premium chat. The girls’ packages differ widely depending on their popularity on the platform and the array of kinks they can perform for their customers. The cheapest package however, goes for $5 for all the models.



Individuals that purchase the sexting package are treated to thrilling texts of adult nature and erotic nudes. This package suits guys with a creative mind -in a dirty way of course- that love racy texts spiced up with hot nudes. The girls are incredibly good at sexting having fulfilled numerous requests of the same nature to multiple customers in the past. They have mastered playing the naughty girl hungering for some dick, anyone would be convinced that distance is keeping them from being demonic sex animals.

The models are real-life girls that have made it their business to indulge their guests’ fantasies and naughty fetishes for a small fee. They hide behind professionalism- truth is, the experience can get so intense that the girls “stop along the way” for some ferocious self-pleasuring to deflate the build-up sexual tension. Of course, it is understandable as well that visitors may need some time alone during the session to jerk off to the steamy session.  

Live video Chat

The happiest motherfuckers of all are the guys that go for the live video chat package. This group get to see the real action unfold on their monitors. No, it is nothing close to watching porn from your regular porn site. It can only be equated to savoring live intercourse at a high-end swing club. Also, if the action is not tailored for you, you still won’t have the same experience as that of a guy that bought the live chat plan.

Information shared via text is hardly verifiable.  You can only choose to believe that she is in a silk bra and fishnets fondling her tits graciously as you requested. Well, unless you request exclusive nudes to back her narrative, you’ll not come anywhere close to knowing what it feels to have a girl execute your demands.  

A customer with the live video chat plan is certain that he’s got the girl’s undivided attention. If it is roleplay and she is a cheerleader and you are the naughty football player with a thing for amorous girls with questionable character, rest assured she’ll deliver or you will know she is cheating. You’ll get to see her actualize your fantasies live- performing every detail as you asked. Ask her to unpin her bra, set those melons free and caress them gently like a good girl to your excitement. These individuals get to savor the beauty of wet twats getting toyed wildly with big girl’s toys in a point of view or close up shoots, whichever pleases them.  

The models go full-blown kinky in the private sessions at snapchat premium filthy “sexrooms.” (direct snapchatting). They don’t censor their words, and their action too is straight filth. They’ll confess how much they crave a big cock resting at the bottom of their pussy before being pulled back for a repeat of the hardcore pounding. They’ll say this perhaps while fingering their inviting twats and licking the dripping juice seductively showing how much they want you in them. The packages worth every dime spent on them as they deliver a realistic feeling and experience.

Revelers have confessed to visiting this website to boost their sex drive- building anticipation at the sextrooms before going to get it on with their live partners. A good number visit our platform to have fun with our luscious models who enjoy indulging in such promiscuity. is an independent business that is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Snapchat Interactive Inc.

Disclaimer: This website contains adult material, all members and persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 18+ years old-USC 2257.


SnapChat does not sponsor or endorse


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About Reviewing a Model

This section is strictly reserved for customers that have had an actual experience with our erotic models. We understand that you might have based your decision on someone else’s recommendation on the particular girl and as such, we kindly ask that you help the next fellow make an informed decision as well. Also, your review will go a long way in helping us enhance your experience future experiences on our platform.

The process is quite simple, we promise you’ll be in and out before you know it. The first part of the process is a YES/ NO quiz on whether you received your order. If you didn’t receive your order click NO and rush to make a formal dispute or rather file a complaint at We take such cases seriously and the responsible model will be punished. We shall then discuss the possible ways to make up for the terrible experience as we move forward.  

If you had a wonderful experience click YES and tell us more about it. Key in your first name and Snapchat username in the spaces provided (these names are for internal use only- your contact information will not be shared whatsoever with a third party). Next is the name of the model you are reviewing then a star-based rating of your general experience with the girl. Five stars for excellent experience and one star for a terrible experience.

The last phase is where you describe your experience with the girl in your own words. Now this is the actual evaluation of your experience with the girl. It encompasses all the memorable experiences- both great and awful. If you didn’t like her attitude say it as it is and if she really outperformed give credit where it’s due. Be as fair as you can be. As you might have noticed from the stockpile of reviews on this section, guys praise the girls’ beauty and other laudable characters and perhaps bash their mediocre responses and half-baked content. When you’re done with your review click SUBMIT and it shall be uploaded alongside the various others.

It is through customers’ reviews that we’ve risen to these lengths. Since our inception, we made it our business to act on customer reviews and ensure that the next experience is always better and improved. We are pleased to report that this resolve has worked magic in enhancing customer experience and we hope to uphold this notable tradition in the future. “The customer is always right” could be cliché but operating under this philosophy has never disappointed.

Admittedly, some of our models have taken an ass whopping from negative reviews but as they can attest, the experience has been positively transformational in the long run. The reviews presented them with a challenge to outperform in their future engagements to at least cover up the first terrible experience. In fact, this group ranking low in terms of ratings are currently putting up steamy performances and fulfilling their orders to clients’ satisfaction.

Normally models that continue to trash on orders are expelled unceremoniously from the platform to give way to newbies willing to throw an electric show for her audience. The girls understands that we hardly tolerate mediocrity so they strive to remain at customers’ good graces to earn stunning appraisals. Good reviews translate to repeat clients, more referrals and more earnings eventually.

The girls are careful not to have their reputation tainted by negative reviews that might eventually cost them their precious stream of income. We endeavor to make our review section as credible as possible and therefore, we highly discourage solicited reviews. Good recommendations must be earned and not given. The girls must prove to their audience that they truly deserve a 5-star rating through electric performances and top-shelve nudes. Inasmuch as the content is homemade, they have to meet certain standards worthy of masturbating to.

Besides clearly describing how the whole experience was a total let-down, it is in the customers’ discretion to file for a complaint against sloppy products and services. Do not suffer in silence while someone profits from a terrible showmanship. Actually no girl should profit from delivering an awful performance as it might send the wrong message about our platform. Through your review you can fish out the bad apples and help keep the platform great.

This goes for great experiences as well, it is equally important to laud good performances and interactions as it helps the next guy make the right pick as well as grant the good girls the much needed approval. This also inspires the sloppy performers to improve and raise through the ranks as well. We hope that you are convinced the girls need to be reviewed as it is better for everyone. It is the best way to enhance your experience with the models going forward!