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Connect with Horny girls on Snapchat Premium is an interactive platform where visitors can connect live with horny snapchat premium models looking for an outlet for their ungodly lust. The platform went live in 2016 connecting interested dudes with intoxicating models for a session of steamy sexting and live adult video chat. The sexually explicit visual depictions including pictures, visuals and adult literature on this platform are created by persons over the age of 18.

The website is USC compliant and as such, only lists 18+ years old models. promotes the snapchat premium models listed on “Our Girls” page and does not take part whatsoever, in the production of the sexually explicit materials shared between the girls and visitors.


The site offers a variety services listed in different packages by the girls. Among the site’s primary offerings are sexting and live chat on snapchat premium chat. The girls’ packages differ widely depending on their popularity on the platform and the array of kinks they can perform for their customers. The cheapest package however, goes for $5 for all the models.



Individuals that purchase the sexting package are treated to thrilling texts of adult nature and erotic nudes. This package suits guys with a creative mind -in a dirty way of course- that love racy texts spiced up with hot nudes. The girls are incredibly good at sexting having fulfilled numerous requests of the same nature to multiple customers in the past. They have mastered playing the naughty girl hungering for some dick, anyone would be convinced that distance is keeping them from being demonic sex animals.

The models are real-life girls that have made it their business to indulge their guests’ fantasies and naughty fetishes for a small fee. They hide behind professionalism- truth is, the experience can get so intense that the girls “stop along the way” for some ferocious self-pleasuring to deflate the build-up sexual tension. Of course, it is understandable as well that visitors may need some time alone during the session to jerk off to the steamy session.  

Live video Chat

The happiest motherfuckers of all are the guys that go for the live video chat package. This group get to see the real action unfold on their monitors. No, it is nothing close to watching porn from your regular porn site. It can only be equated to savoring live intercourse at a high-end swing club. Also, if the action is not tailored for you, you still won’t have the same experience as that of a guy that bought the live chat plan.

Information shared via text is hardly verifiable.  You can only choose to believe that she is in a silk bra and fishnets fondling her tits graciously as you requested. Well, unless you request exclusive nudes to back her narrative, you’ll not come anywhere close to knowing what it feels to have a girl execute your demands.  

A customer with the live video chat plan is certain that he’s got the girl’s undivided attention. If it is roleplay and she is a cheerleader and you are the naughty football player with a thing for amorous girls with questionable character, rest assured she’ll deliver or you will know she is cheating. You’ll get to see her actualize your fantasies live- performing every detail as you asked. Ask her to unpin her bra, set those melons free and caress them gently like a good girl to your excitement. These individuals get to savor the beauty of wet twats getting toyed wildly with big girl’s toys in a point of view or close up shoots, whichever pleases them.  

The models go full-blown kinky in the private sessions at snapchat premium filthy “sexrooms.” (direct snapchatting). They don’t censor their words, and their action too is straight filth. They’ll confess how much they crave a big cock resting at the bottom of their pussy before being pulled back for a repeat of the hardcore pounding. They’ll say this perhaps while fingering their inviting twats and licking the dripping juice seductively showing how much they want you in them. The packages worth every dime spent on them as they deliver a realistic feeling and experience.

Revelers have confessed to visiting this website to boost their sex drive- building anticipation at the sextrooms before going to get it on with their live partners. A good number visit our platform to have fun with our luscious models who enjoy indulging in such promiscuity. is an independent business that is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Snapchat Interactive Inc.

Disclaimer: This website contains adult material, all members and persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 18+ years old-USC 2257.


SnapChat does not sponsor or endorse


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Like Sexting? We Do Too 😉

Sexxxters is a dirty little corner where 18+ years old dudes visit to have consented xxx fun with alluring snapchat premium girls. The models listed on Our Girls page are always itching to indulge your erotic fantasies and fetishes over snapchat at pocket friendly rates. They will take your personalized requests and act on them to the tiniest detail. Our premium packages start at $5 with the rest varying from model to model depending on what they offer.  

How it works

To get started on, check out our intoxicating snapchat models on Our Girls page. These girls are real and kinky as fuck! From the list select the girl you would love to get it on with. The process should be simple given the girls have tantalizing pictures and short homemade videos- a trailer of what is in store if you will. They also have little details on their profiles about them and what they can offer.

After you’ve made your pick, select a custom VIP package from the list to checkout and pay. Look for an email confirmation and click on the order form link. Then describe shortly how you would want your pleasure served. This description will guide the model tailor their performances to match your request. Remember that you are the director of the show, therefore, clear precise instructions are important.

You are almost done filling in your order, now provide your Snapchat ID and hit SUBMIT. Usually the girl will receive an automated text message within minutes after which they will add your Snapchat ID and contact you ASAP. Your order should be fulfilled within 24 hours. However, in the event that the model is non-responsive past the said time, contact support to have the matter resolved.

What to expect

We would rather not discuss what happens in the private chat rooms but we think it’s only fair that you get a glimpse of the spoils that await. The experiences differ with the kind of package purchased. However, prepare for a mesmerizing sexting experience punctuated with provocative nudes and flirtatious words. You will get a customized experience; exclusive real-time xxx pictures the kind that will land you in hell if you dare view them in church.

People will warn that such pictures are NSFW but we go a little further to let you know that viewing them at the dinner table can be even more catastrophic. If you can’t heed expert advice then good luck reaching out for butter with an enraged pecker threatening to free itself from the tight pants. However, it is safe to open your package in the car alone since you won’t resist the urge to reach for your cock and choke that mf to explosion with or without lube.

Aside from a magical sexting experience, you can always delight interactive live chat at the girl’s private “sexroom.” (direct snapchatting). With this package you get to savor live footage of the model executing your demands. They will treat you to a raunchy session of solo masturbation either with toys, fingers and perhaps fisting. You will admit that there’s nothing erotic like watching a girl pleasure herself to strong orgasm on live camera. If feels like sneaking into the horny girl next door and watching as she award herself a glorious clitoris stimulation. The experience is so real that you’ll be reaching for your cock involuntarily stroking it good in the girl’s rhythm. You can ask the girl to moan your name out loud while she rides a gigantic dildo to make the experience more realistic.   

Like in porn, the girls too enjoy the experience that they often orgasm with others squirting profusely all over the place. Additionally, the live video chat session offers an epic opportunity for role plays. Pick an erotic fantasy perhaps banging your sexy teacher after class. Lay done the script for your girl; she’ll be the teacher and you’ll be kinky kid with a thing for mature women. Have her retain you after class for a little remedial on the female reproductive system, and maybe she happens to notice the bulge in your pants and she resist the urge to have that mammoth tool soak in her wet pussy. Hammer that sneaky pervert hard that she makes it a habit using you for your tool in exchange for good grades which you don’t mind. Remember to leave your review on your experience with the girl.

Make a collection of great memories with our girls and come back for more customized treats. When you are not busy banging your Biology teacher at the private sextroom you may visit other pages on our site- blogs, social media handles etc. We regularly upload great materials on Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest. Follow us on these platforms and get the latest scoop on the industry in general and updates on our products and services. Have a wonderful time jerking off to fresh xxx materials from our horny snapchat models.